I Saw The Phoenix In The Sky In November 2019


I Saw The phoenix in november 2019

In Early November, 2019, about a week and a half after returning from the Ontario trip, we were driving South on the Highway outside Red Deer, Alberta, when i saw a massive bird in the sky on flames. It was magnificent. It was so big, it took up the Eastern sky. It had the entire sun in it’s mouth. It’s head was fire, with layers of burning orange and yellow pillage on it’s head. There were so many chemtrailers trying to cover it up, i had never seen so many at a time in one spot. I went home and researched what i saw and realized it was the mythological phoenix.. not so mythological it seems, it’s very real and comes as a warning that an ending of a time has begun and a new one will emerge in it’s place., although i do believe this time is special in comparison to the previous times it rose throughout history, i believe 6 times, the 6th being in 2019.  I watched social media to see if anyone was talking about seeing the Phoenix in the sky, but couldn’t find any posts or info about it, which surprised me because of how big it was.


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