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Strange Experiences

We saw the apocalypse



We Saw The Apocalypse in October, 2019, my ex and I took a trip to Ontario. We

stopped in Thunder Bay to watch the sunrise. We got out of the car and

stood together in an empty parking lot. I looked up at the sky and said

“show me, i’m ready”. I don’t know why, i didn’t have a thought before, i

just said it. Then not long after, the sky started to change.

The clouds moves towards us, faster than i ever imagined clouds could

move. The clouds formed angels, cherubs with wings and bows, men on

chariots, dogs, glorious looking people, which all had ginger hair. Every single one of them had ginger coloured hair. I dropped

on my knees and cried. I thanked God for what I was seeing, bowing my

head down, while lifting it back up to watch in amazement. They kept

appearing, scrolling not far above our heads for about 7 hours. Then

everything started to change. The angelic beings started to disappear.

They were replaced with the faces of people who appeared to just wake

  1. They looked shocked, and scared. Their eyes were moving around,

they are conscious. Then they made eye contact with me, then the expression on
their faces changed to anger. I got scared for the first time since it started.
We got back in the car, continued to be in shock ourselves, and started
driving. We thought the apocalypse had started and that everyone could
see it too. Then I noticed the alien in the back seat of the car behind my
seat then saw the aircraft above the car, following along with our car a
few feet above us. At that time, I could only see it in the mirror and
camera on my then Samsung s9+. It was black, triangle and with white
lights around the perimeter. It was small, smaller than our car it seemed.
It was silent. The alien in the back seat was quite small, green, and with
big black eyes, small flat nose holes and a very thin, small mouth. They all
looked the same except their size at that point. Later in the week i saw
other kinds with variations of green skin and body shapes and sizes. We panicked and
found a business that nobody was at. We entered the building and put
crosses on the entrances. We found a closet to hide in. We lit candles and
started to repeat the lords prayer, over and over again, all night long. I
kept writing it down, because I also kept forgetting it as I was saying it
and the other person I was with didn’t know it at
all. I remembered it from public school as a child.
When the sun rose, we left, headed back to Alberta, where
we lived at the time. Day by day i saw so many things. During the days
there were creatures everywhere, in the sky as clouds and on the ground as real physical beings. I could see them
just as clear as i see everything normally. There were a lot of strange
human animal hybrids, like pig people, bug people, there was a giant
dog, a big green head with a face and no hair, pig people, monkey
people, lots of creatures holding and feeding their babies, a giant
cyclops, a giant tree man with a giant axe that was murdering other
trees, a lot of weird human/animal and human/bug hybrid creatures
i had never seen before. It was clear that they were just as conscious
and aware, and as smart as humans are. They were interacting with
each other sometimes as well. They were aware of each other.
During daylight, they were contained behind a clear glass along the
road lines and the giant creatures appeared to walk into the rock
walls, as if to sleep for the day. I saw smoke stacks from a factory
puffing out smoke that formed into military men on horses that rode
down an old train track in a line. They looked like old
military uniforms with tall hats. There were a lot of physical beings
that were taught to us as being previous creatures
that lived here. I saw dinosaurs, mammoths, massive sabre tooth
tigers, huge dragons in the sky, Tara dactyls, and other massive flying
creatures. In the sky, every day seemed to be a new theme or period
of time in humanity. One day, the sky was full of aliens faces, another day there were
people in water everywhere, the sky was filled with water, and it was
clear there were many people swimming & struggling in the water.
Poseidon was towering out of the water holding his trident. Sea
creatures filled the sky, travelling together, lots of whales, dolphins,
sea turtles. I saw a giant sea turtle with a huge city, tall buildings on
it’s back as it swam across the sky. I saw 5 light suns come across the
sky very fast, then not long after, a black one came. With it, came a
big black pirate ship. I saw the never ending story dog and Poseidon
towering out of the water holding his trident. It was a great flood, all
the people were in the water. I saw a movie play in the sky. A large
man looking being was having sex with a women, from behind, who
was bent over, standing up. I saw small men that all looked like the
cartoon mario’s clones.. they were constructing things in the clouds..
going back and forth, laying down big blocks and creating a giant
screen in the sky that started to play a movie of beings that looked
slightly larger humans that came down from the sky and mated
with the women here.. Later I saw a giant walking with other regular
sized people down roads and passageways that looked like it was a
desert region. They also had camels walking with them. I saw the
eye of horus, I saw a male pharaoh, with a tall head pc. on, no shirt, a
skirt to just above his knees. He was well built, muscular.. he had a
tattoo on his leg that looked like a fancy 4 or H. I also saw the Sphinx.

It was encased in white and there was a huge chunk taken out of the

white substance that revealed the sphynx face. There was something

white covering and encasing the sphynx.

I saw many large birds in the sky that formed from the clouds. They
started getting darker and darker, and then when they were black,
they started to animate and fly around. There were demons and
aliens in all the mirrors, everywhere around us all places we went
that week. We stopped one night at a husky gas station and went
inside. We could see the demons in the back of the car on the
security camera from in the store. They had green bright glowing
eyes. A man walked inside the store that came from a big truck that
had stopped. After he left, the attendant working pointed to a pc of
paper and said the man left it, and he thought it belonged to me. i
looked at it, it was a drawing that kind of looked like me, with an
octagon shape in the center of the forehead. There was a name
written on the paper, among other words i will not repeat. I went to
take a sip of a drink, which curdled as it hit my mouth and i spit it
out. I remember telling him that’s not for me, i didn’t want to touch
it. After my ex went outside to get back in the car, the gas attendant
started to act really weird. He was looking down, and started puffing
and grunting. I told him the paper was for him, and left the store
and drove away quick. The creatures at night were chasing us, and
we were driving around most of the time to avoid them. Any time i
made eye contact, they also saw me, and started to moved towards
me. Then the magic writings appeared on all the windows of the car.

Strange symbols appeared everywhere on the windows

We tried numerous times to wash it off, but as fast as we washed it,
it came back. We drove to churches to seek help, but when we
drove up, aliens, demons and strange creatures came up to the
windows from inside the churches, and we drove away from multiple

churches that were catholic and christian We went to a muslim mosque

last and nothing was inside but it felt very wrong and like it was a trick so

we drove away from that one too. Then that night, a set of large, glowing

green eyes appeared on my exes window.

I started talking to the eyes and they came to my window instead. I
told the eyes that God loved him, that he wasn’t sent down out of
hate, but in fact, out of love. He was the only one for the job, but
took it the wrong way. He wasn’t supposed to turn against God. I
saw the eyes have a tear, twice during my speech to him. The sun
came up and the eyes were gone. Then i saw the reaper behind our
car. I saw a lot of different kinds of green aliens and tree people,
staying at a distance, but watching intensely. They were hiding
behind bushes together and the filled the apartments of the
buildings around us. They were just in there with the people, and it
was obvious the people couldn’t see them.
This day, i could see the aliens with my eyes, not just in mirrors. My
ex couldn’t see them at all. When i saw the reaper, and my ex said
he couldn’t.. my heart dropped, i got so scared, i couldn’t move the
entire day. We were parked at a timmies and stayed there all day, i
was too scared to move. The reaper was floating, wearing a red
cloak, with big black eyes that were like a mesh. It was carrying a
staff that looked metal, in the shape of a 7, attached by a chain. I
knew it was there for me. I thought i was going to die there that day.

There was a lump in the backseat, covered with a blanket. I was too
scared to lift the blanket, but i knew it was the being with the green
eyes that was in the window the night before. I tried to look up bible
verses, for hours i talked, i prayed, i begged God to help me. Then
another reaper appeared, now there was 2, waiting, watching from
behind the back of the car. I couldn’t understand at the time what
they were doing or waiting for. I looked up the laws of the universe. i
said out loud “if you choose to take me now, in this way, i demand
we both be judged immediately”. I was done, i was getting pissed, i
wasn’t just going to die by reapers without a fight and i definitely
didn’t want to bring that evil shit back to Alberta, so i decided it was
the only way.. We walked out of the car, everything in the universe
except the humans were staring it seemed. We went inside the tims
bathroom to make holy water with timmies bottled water and salt.
It was the only thing i could think of to do to fight reapers. We heard
a knock on the door, after what felt like only maybe 15 minutes. It
was the police. They told us the store called because we were in
there for over an hour.
They took us to the hospital. By this point in time, we were
in Saskatchewan. As we pulled up to the hospital, i saw the aliens in
the windows already there. There were a lot of them together now,
tall green ones with black eyes, same as the little one that was in my
car, but these were bigger and appeared to be adults.

My lips were very chapped and i asked the nurse for lip stuff. They
gave me a packet of vaseline. I opened it, put some on then left it on
the table. Went to the bathroom and when i came back i needed
more, my lips were insanely chapped. I hadn’t eaten in a week,
hadn’t slept in a week or showed or anything like that. The vaseline
was gone, so i asked the nurse if she took it. She said no, must have
thought it was odd and looked under the bed, around the table for
it. Couldn’t find it, so got me another one. Then I laid down and saw
the red dragon down the hall. It had the same green eyes that were
in the window the night before. Aliens were in my room, inside a
storage closet, piling on each other it seemed to watch me. there
was a small vertical window in the door they were all looking at me
out of. I kept staring at the dragon, then back to the aliens. The
dragon was under a dresser type thing, laying on the ground, and
kept moving closer to the wall every time someone walked by him,
as if he was nervous others would spot him. He stared at me the
entire time from down the hall. A nurse came in and took blood
work. The doc came in and as i tried to explain to him what’s
happening, i asked for a priest and tried to show him pictures. My ex
was in a separate room with a different officer.

The doc kept asking if we were on drugs, and we had not taken any
illegal drugs. They forced me to take a sedative. I nodded off for a
split second, the aliens waiting and the dragon down the hall. The
aliens did something to my body in those few moments i nodded off.
I awoke to heavy bleeding on the hospital from my reproductive
parts. We spent a few days together in the top floor of the hospital.
After a cpl days, they let us out to go get our car, which was still at
tims. Surprisingly, it hadn’t been towed. We stopped at a car wash to
wash the magic writing off again, which seemed to be gone. We
were released and started driving
back to Alberta from Saskatchewan.
Along the way, we stopped at a store to get some candles and sage
to try to purify the car of the evil that was in it. The two women at the
store were concerned when we told them what happened to us. One
of the women saw something about me. She asked me to stand in a
large bowl, and put one on my head, while hitting it like a gong and
saying some words. Next, they took me to a salt rock room and
another room
that had crystals on a wire rack type thing that I laid under. I help the
crystals while she said some words. They went outside to our car and
said some words while feathering around some white sage. We
thanked them greatly, they didn’t charge us for their services. We
drove back to Alberta.

The entire ordeal, and experience of the apocalypse and what
seemed like humanities history lasted 7 days. I didn’t sleep, eat, the
entire 7 days. A little over a week later, i saw the phoenix take
up the whole eastern sky, with the entire sun in it’s mouth. I asked
God to show me for sure that what i experienced is really
happening or i’m just crazy. That night while i had a bath, angels standing in a row,
holding trumpets, appeared in my bathroom
mirror, riding on a big bull with a big cross on it’s forehead. When i
moved back to my home province, on that trip i saw in the sky
everything and everyone was connected to each other.. people,
animals, plants, rocks, everything all had a red dot on their bodies
and each was connected to another with a red line, forming a grid
of connectivity.


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