dream of 4 moons behind a big glowing moon in the sky

I Had A Dream About 4 Moons Behind A Big Glowing Moon Or Sun Disk

I had a dream last night about 4 moons behind a large glowing moon or sun disk. I don’t remember much about the dream other than i was standing with someone else, not sure who it was and we were staring at the giant moon or sun, it was glowing bright that had 4 moons behind it. It was the evening, still light out but getting dark. The large bright one in front was either a full solid moon or a glowing disk, a sun maybe. The ones behind it were all different stages of crescents and were white and semi transparent, like the moon here looks during the day, but much whiter. They were close to the front moon or planet, but behind it. It felt like we were in a different world than this one and that it was new but also familiar at the same time. It seemed strange but not too strange, if that makes sense. That’s all i can remember.

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