i went to heaven without dying

I Went To Heaven Without Dying In 2012



I went to Heaven without dying in April 2012. I found myself preparing to come here and understood my experience before I came into the physical world, in the flesh, for this human experience. My consciousness, woke up in Heaven, within myself, and it definitely was not a near death experience. I wasn’t sick and definitely didn’t die.. but i was in kind of shocked state, from the death of my step father and friend the week before my step fathers death. I saw myself studying to come here, and saw and understood many things about Heaven and Earth. We had no bodies, the beings there, except for two large angels, were balls of light, essences. I was on a level that I was studying on before I came to Earth, I saw my parents on a screen and was looking in books, knowing that I was learning about human life, preparing for the journey. That level looked like outside, green grass, trees, a building that reminded me of a university. I knew I was home. I knew we chose to come here to be closer to God, to grow through experiences in the physical and that we go into the womb at the third trimester and that’s a very important part of being born, almost like an adjustment period before birth. We risk just coming here because we can get trapped here. You can be soul snatched on your way down to the womb. While still in the place that seemed to be a learning center, I found myself standing, with two other essences, or beings beside me, one on each side. Then through an elevator or door, walked in two beautiful angels. They were the only things I saw that had bodies that resembled humans, but much larger, with wings and golden coloured hair and white coloured skin. I then walked into another elevator. I had my ‘head’ down and was feeling almost star stuck, the feeling was within my being and I knew at that time it shouldn’t be. I was in awe at the sight of them but also knew I shouldn’t be. I then found myself on a higher level. When I walked in the two angels I saw were standing there, along with the essences of two older women, which had no bodies like the two angels did, who were seated before another elevator type door. I approached the beings, and one of them went through the elevator door for a few moments, then returned to me. I then found my consciousness back in my body, on my couch, in my apartment. I don’t remember much else from that entire week, just that experience. I was never a religious person but did attend a few Christian events as a child. I’m still not a religious person because my personal experiences do not fully line up with what’s written within the bibles. Some things do match, but some of my experiences are of other religious or mythological texts and not solely adding up to only biblical texts, so one specific religion does not fit my experiences. I began telling people of my experiences. My ex husband didn’t believe me and would roll his eyes every time i spoke of my experience. I went to a christian church to tell my experience to the pastor and his wife. They treated me like i was crazy and it was obvious they didn’t believe me. I went on to have another divine experience 7 years later. My intention is not to offend anyone with this post, as i know there will be some people who are upset that my divine experiences don’t fit into their agenda or idealistic version of Heaven they’ve thought of or read about.. I’m not here to please anyone or cater to anyone person’s standards of anything in this world.. My life is unique and my experiences are as well. I have a moral responsibility to share my experiences as I experienced them, without political correctness or appeasement of any people for any reason. My job is to warn humanity in this time, so that’s what I’m doing, whether that offends people or not has nothing to do with me.


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